One of the things I like the most of living in the Washington D.C. area is that we have access to food from all over the world: Chinese, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian, Bolivian, Peruvian, Lebanese. You name it. However, more often than not I find myself craving for certain delights you can only find at home.

I know I am not alone. Whether you just arrived to the city or have been here forever, you will at some point drool over a photo of a sandwich de miga (or “sanguche”) or a piece of chocotorta. Luckily, there are several places where you can find goodies that will cheer your heart right here in D.C.  Centro Argentino’s Treasurer, Virginia, has put together a list that we hope you will find useful in times of need!

VACE:  At Vace you will find tapas to make tartas and empanadas by La Salteña, dulce de lechebon o bon and some alfajores. (Cleveland Park and Bethesda)

El Patio: El Patio is an Argentine restaurant and bakery in Rockville, MD that also sells Argentine goodies (mate, dulce de leche, alfajores, dulce de membrillo). They serve everything you wish for and more. Go grab a milhojas con dulce de leche cake and enjoy a choripán on your way home. Inquire about delivery! (Rockville, MD)

Malbec: Latest opening in town! We have not tried it yet but the menu sounds promising. Right in the city, they have happy hours, lunch specials, asado de tira and panqueque de manzana al rhum. Do I need to say more?  (Dupont Circle)

Rural Society: A nice restaurant with great meat options with a little twist. (Downtown)

El Progreso: Latin American market where you can find good meat cuts to make an asado. (Mt. Pleasant)

Del Campo: Another nice restaurant. Del Campo is a South American grill, so the menu will not be todo argentino. (Downtown)

Fast Gourmet: This is the shop at a gas station (yes, you read right) that serves chivitos and Milanesas. Chivitos are claimed to be Uruguayan. However, we share so many traditions with our neighbor that nobody knows what came from which side of the pond. (U street)

Panas: Empanadas! Flavors may be a bit exotic but, according to Virginia, you come to terms with them as the time away from home increases. (Dupont Circle)

Tango Pastry: You miss facturas? Call Tango Pastry. If you work at the IADB or the World Bank, you can have them delivered at your office and be the envy of all your co-workers. (Alexandria)

Dolcezza: Ice cream. Sometimes they have dulce de leche ice cream (not to be confused with salted caramel). They also have alfajores de maicena and churros. (several locations!)

European Foods: This store has good meat, chorizos, mollejas, and chinchulines, dulce de leche, and the Brazilian Bon o Bon, Serenata de Amor. Check it out! (Arlington)

Did we miss any place? Let us know!