What is the Scholarship Program?

The Scholarship Program is a means through which you can help a student from a low income family in Argentina to stay in school. Every year, sponsors make a monetary contribution that will help students afford expenses required for their education. Your donation will provide school supplies, books, shoes and basic clothing to these children.
In addition, each student and his or her family are paired with an experienced coach. This coach helps the student overcome specific difficulties with certain classes or topics and also offers guidance to help families understand the importance of education for their children’s full development. Students also take part in diverse educational and cultural activities that expand their horizons.

Who can receive a scholarship?

Students from low income families who attend the Nuestra Sra. de Fátima School in Villa Soldati, Buenos Aires, Argentina, who are in sixth or seventh grade of elementary school or the first two years of high school. Students are chosen because of their good performance in school and their likelihood of dropping out due to adverse financial or familiar circumstances.

Why does Centro Argentino have a Scholarship Program?

We believe that education is essential for the personal growth of children and for the development of our country. It is only through education that children can expand their horizons, dream beyond the limits of their reality and acquire the skills to pursue those dreams. Education also provides children and young adults with the tools they need to understand the world around them, to agree with or question government decisions and to exercise their rights as citizens.

How can I become a Sponsor?

You can become a Sponsor by making a donation here. You can help a student by contributing a full scholarship or half a scholarship. You can also choose to make one lump sum payment or to make monthly payments.

Who runs the Scholarship Program?

Centro Argentino has partnered with Fundación Misión Marianista, a qualified local non profit that runs the Scholarship Program. Centro Argentino transfers the contributions made by the sponsors periodically to Fundación Misión Marianista, who, in turn, makes monthly payments to the beneficiary students from March to December. In addition, Fundación Misión Marianista matches students and their families with coaches and organizes diverse educational and cultural activities.

How does Centro Argentino control the proper execution of the Program?

Fundación Misión Marianista reports to Centro Argentino about each student in July and December. In these reports it describes the student’s academic performance, attendance to school, familiar situation, his/her interests and the special activities the student took part in, and any particular circumstance that may have come up during the periodical meetings and interviews Fundación Misión Marianista holds with the students. These reports also include copies of the students’ report cards. In addition, in December, Fundación Misión Marianista provides a detailed report on the use of the scholarship and the expenses that were paid with it and provides Centro Argentino with a copy of the receipts of the scholarship funds.

What information does Centro Argentino provide to the sponsors?

Centro Argentino compiles the information provided by Fundación Misión Marianista and sends each sponsor the information referring to the student that particular sponsor is helping.