A “merendero” is a place where underprivileged people (in this case, children) are given their merienda –afternoon snack.

The funds raised at the XI Annual Charity Wine Tasting will be used to equip the “Merendero María Silvia” in Santa María de Oro, province of Mendoza –Cuyo region, Argentina. Children in low-income families often lack healthy nutrition, the adequate stimulation to grow properly and have lower chances to achieve higher education. Our goal with this contribution is to better the quality of life and education every child deserves to have. 

Each day, the Merendero María Silvia –sponsored by the PIBES Foundation, which strives to provide equality, well-being, education and health to children– assists 75 kids who lack basic social, economic and educational needs. This is, for many of these people, the last meal of the day.










This mission is made possible thanks to the huge help and effort of both parents and other members of the community who voluntarily support those who need it the most. It is worth mentioning that this merendero does not receive financial support from the government or any private companies; the funds available only come from the community.

In addition to feeding the children, the volunteers at Merendero María Silvia provide tutoring as well as arts, music and literature workshops.

Some of the project priorities are: purchasing necessary material to finish equipping the kitchen (counters, cupboards and electric appliances such as a freezer and a microwave); replacing tables, chairs, plates and cutlery; building a wood-fired oven, a garden and a space for play and recreation.

Having a full kitchen, a wood-fired oven and a garden will enable these children to self-manage their foods, and it will make it possible for them to care for the naturally fertile land and its organic produce.

Lastly, the PIBES Foundation has agreed to widen their project at a later time by offering training workshops for the families of the children who attend the merendero.

This project makes evident how solidarity transcends borders, which enables Centro Argentino as well as yourself to be part of it.

Your contribution will have a direct impact on the future of these kids.

You can make a voluntary donation or buy your tickets to attend the event!